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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trace Adkins, Comic Book Hero


Trace Adkins is the inspiration for comic book hero Luke McBain. Photo courtesy of Hot Schatz PR.

July 21, 2009 — He's been an oil rigger and a contestant on "Celebrity Apprentice" — and now country star Trace Adkins is the inspiration for comic book hero Luke McBain.
In November, 12 Gauge Comics will release the four-issue series, with a tough, Southern hero based on Trace. He's not the first artist to become a comic book character, but he is the first country artist to be featured.

Writer David Tischman (Red Herring) created the idea with 12 Gauge publisher Keven Gardner, and they spent a lot of time with Trace to make sure "MCBAIN" feels authentic.

Luke McBain is drawn to look like Trace and reflects some of his philosophy. The story begins as McBain returns home to rural Louisiana after serving 14 years in prison, having taken the fall for a crime he didn't commit. He finds himself in a town now controlled by greed and corruption, and he's the20only one with the courage to set things right. Although the book contains some violence, it is generally suitable for all ages.

The first issue hits stores across North America in November to coincide with Trace's fall tour. It will be available for $3.99 per issue in more than 4,000 comic book stores and other fine retail outlets.

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